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Deportation Defense - If you know someone in ICE custody, it is imperative that they be apprised of their legal rights and the remedies available to them.  Remember- it is ICE’s job to remove those who are removable as quickly as possible.  ICE officers often talk detainees into signing their own removals by painting a very dire depiction of their situation when in reality there may be numerous avenues of relief available to the detainee.

ICE’s current policy is to screen local jails and place a “hold” on most every person without legal status, so that when their criminal detention is resolved they will be transported to an ICE holding facility to face separate immigration-related charges. While in detention, they will be compelled to appear before an immigration judge in short order, with or without the assistance of legal counsel. We can assist in obtaining a bond from an immigration judge, transferring the case to the appropriate court of venue once bond is posted, and then preparing an adequate defensive strategy for the forthcoming court date.

If someone you know has been detained or served with Immigration charges, please do not hesitate to call today to find out what can be done to help them. (480) 275-2407  

During an attorney consultation, we will evaluate your case and explore with you what options are available for anyone who has been detained by ICE or has been served with instructions to appear before an Immigration Judge.